All paintings and pictures can also be presented in x times higher resolution. / Alle Gemälde und Bilder können auch in x-fach höherer Auflösung präsentiert werden. / About 5% of our paintings and pictures are presented on this web-side / Ungefähr 5% unserer Gemälde und Bilder werden auf dieser Internetseite präsentiert.


melting hopes and dreams (acryl, 2014)
Wedding - Mohamed Ibrahim with wife (combined painting technique; 2022-10-30)
a little tiger on Komandoo (Maledives) (combined painting technique; 2022-12-12)
maybe Komandoo (combined painting technique; 2022-11-11/2023-09-14)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 1 (combined painting technique; 2023-01-04)
deep and curved space (combined painting technique; 2023-01-04)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 31 (combined painting technique; 2024-01-11)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 40 (combined painting technique; 2024-02-19)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 32 (combined painting technique; 2024-01-21)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 42 (combined painting technique; 2024-02-27)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 44; (version 1); (combined painting technique; 2024-03-05)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 55; (combined painting technique; 2024-05-29)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 60; version 1; (combined painting technique; 2024-06-16)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 66; (combined painting technique; 2024-06-23)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 68; (combined painting technique; 2024-06-11)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 80; (combined painting technique; 2024-06-28)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 81; (combined painting technique; 2024-07-02)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 82; (combined painting technique; 2024-07-04)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 90; (combined painting technique; 2024-07-11)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 92; (combined painting technique; 2024-07-20)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 95 (combined painting technique; 2024-07-19)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 96 (combined painting technique; 2024-07-18)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 98 (combined painting technique; 2024-07-19)
maybe a draft for a "carpet" No 100 (combined painting technique; 2024-07-22)
dominant colors white and blue in 4 spaces (combined painting technique; 2024-06-15)
simply playing with colors and shapes (combined painting technique; 2024-05-18)
endless tunnel (acryl, 2021-02-09)
the vortex I (combined painting technique; 2023-04-07)
mirror reflection at an imaginary coastline (combined painting technique; 2024-02-19)
light at the end of the tunnel (combined painting technique, 2022-06-23)
colored objects in front of colored background (acryl, 2021-02-07)
decay into pieces (oil, 2004)
the scratched idyll (acryl, 2018/2019)
traces in the snow (acryl, 2021-05-14)
blizzard (combined painting technique; 2022-12-17)
very cold scenery (combined painting technique; 2024-01-24)
self-painting picture II (acryl, 2019-04)
sunny coastline (acryl, 2020-06-07)
landscape at the water's edge (acryl, 2018-12)
Bye, bye nature, we need energy (acryl, 2018-10)
blue, green and yellow colors in motion (acryl, 2019-06-01)
very fragile scenery (acryl, 2020-12-12)
frozen landscape II with flying objects (acryl, 2018-12)
objects in light and shadow in front of black background); (acryl, 2020-12-07)
colored objects on the water (acryl, made with Julia; 2021-01-02)
art exhibition in the desert (acryl, 2020-08-03)
art exhibition in the evening light (acryl, 2020-08-22/2020-11-12)
paintings with recognizable traces (acryl, 2020-08-31)
flowing colours or who is it? (acryl, 2017)
3D-painting part I (painted together with Julia; acryl, 2016)
3D-view part I (acryl, 2017)
imaginary waterfalls in paradise or somewhere (acryl, 2017)
turbulence, light and shadow in space (acryl, 2017-08)
spatial movement of colors (acryl, 2015)
flowing event (painted by Julia) (acryl, 2014)
curved bars in hot space (acryl, 2015)
blue curved bars (acryl, 2016)
bars in space (acryl, 2016)
movement in space (acryl, painted with Melanie) (2014)
scenery with curved bars (acryl, 2018)
bars in snow I (acryl, 2018)
frozen scenery in front of blue, red and yellow (2017-06)
looking into the darkness (acryl, 2015)
maybe seconds after big bang I (oil, 2013)
maybe seconds after big bang II (oil, 2013)
maybe a look at the details of our spatial environment (combined painting technique; 2023-08-06)
steep slope maybe with water falls (acryl, 2016)
hot spaces or dreams (oil, 2015)
standstill and perhaps a horse in very fast movement (acryl, 2015)
straight and curved bars in space (acryl, 2019-08)
50 seconds (the title is based on the time of painting); (oil, 2014)
recognizable traces due to storm (painted together with Julia) (acryl, 2014)
deep inside the jungle (oil, 2014)
fern in hot season (acryl, 2016)
fern in very cold season (acryl, 2018-09, painted with Julia)
blue scenery (perhaps flowers) (acryl, 2019-05)
view of maple leaves at sunset (painted by Julia) (acryl, 2016)
maybe autumn (combined painting technique; 2024-02-14)
green and yellow maple leaves (acryl, 2016)
black cat (or I miss you) (oil, 1986)
La Digue and other places (oil, 1996/2009)
forget not to dream (or nostalgia); (oil, 1993/1994); (a butterfly has been added in 2024-03)
blue balls (oil, 1994); (a butterfly has been added in 2024-03)
someone in light and shadow (combined painting technique; 2023-06-09)
no one is complete (oil, 2004)
frozen relationship (oil, 2000)
always under observation (oil, 2009)
someone in front of a building (oil, 2009)
someone alone (oil, 1997)
the wall is open (combined painting technique); (1991/2023-05-17)
part of a painting in memory of someone and horrible scenes (1978, oil)
maybe a dream (combined painting technique; 1994-12-03 / 2024-01-12)
self-portrait Bernd; version I (oil); (1979)
self-portrait Bernd; version II; (part of a larger painting), (oil, 2004)
self-portrait Bernd; version III; (combined painting technique; 2023-09-12)
maybe I am not complete or perfect; self-portrait Bernd; version IV (combined painting technique; 2024-04-03)
maybe two souls are resting inside me (combined painting technique; 2024-03-24)
Julia in front of a painted wall (combined painting technique; 1996/2023-05-22)
Julia (pencil, 1996)
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