(pre-processed using PowerPoint) diffracted light coming from the inside (acryl, 2019-01)
post-processed using PowerPoint virtual plants (acryl, 2020-03-20)
post-processed using PowerPoint flying elements in front of virtual plants (2020-03-21)
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) flowing colours (acryl, 2019-03)
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) flowing colours with flying elements (acryl, 2019-05)
prepared by using powerPoint light and shadow (acryl, 2020-04-13)
pre-processed using PowerPoint chaotic expansion of space (2020-07-26)
pre-processed using PowerPoint plates in space with light and shadow (acryl, 2020-07-28)
pre-processed using PowerPoint Plates near the collision in expanding space (acryl, 2020-07-28)
post-processed using PowerPoint moving elements in space (acryl, 2020-06-01)
post-processed using PowerPoint foggy ice field (acryl, 2020-04-19)
post-processed by using PowerPoint simply chaos or light and shadow (acryl, 2020-04-26)
post-processed using PowerPoint chaotic movement (acryl, 2020-04-02)
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) colours under water (acryl, 2019-03)
pre-processed using PowerPoint) maybe ecstacy (acryl, 2019-12)
pre-processed using PowerPower Point plates in deep space (acryl, 2020-01)
post-processed using PowerPoint elements in space 2020 (acryl, 2020-03-29)
pre-processed using Power Point the dog and a hidden person (acryl and oil) (1998 and 2020)
made with PowerPoint a lot of coloured elemets in space (acryl, 2020-02-09)
processed using PowerPoint colourful flying elements (acryl, 2020-04-09)
made by using PowerPoint elements made from coloured sticks (acryl, 2020-04-02)
made by using PowerPoint motion in front of cold background (acryl, 2020-05-01)
processed using PowerPoint total disorder (acryl, 2020-05-14)
post-processed using PowerPoint sticks in space (acryl, 2020-06-20
post-processed by using PowerPoint perhaps a nice prison in a difficult time (acryl, 2020-04-04)
post-processed using PowerPoint a lot of sticks (acryl, 2019-03)
post-processed using PowerPoint very hot scenery (acryl, 2020-05-03)
made with PowerPoint maybe artifical ice flowers 3d-scenery II (acryl, 2020-11-20)
made with PowerPoint perhaps artifical flowers (acryl, 2020-11-16)
made with PowerPoint diffuse light and shadow (acryl, 2019-12)
Julia (PowerPoint, 2019-10-12)
(made with PowerPoint) glowing rings (2019-11; acryl)
preprocessed using PowerPoint uneven coloured plates (acryl, 2020-10-19)
pre-processed using PowerPoint fast movement in front of nord light (acryl, 2020-10-14)
pre-processed using PowerPoint objects in front of a white beach (acryl, 2020-10-16)
made with PowerPoint (really rotating) perhaps silent wind turbines II (acryl, 2020-05-18)
made with PowerPoint save the globe (acryl, 2020-05-25)
made with PowerPoint metal elements with light sources (electronic creation, 2020-11-13)
made with PowerPoint seconds before collision (electronic creation, 2020-11-21)
made with PowerPoint seconds before collision II (electronic creation, 2020-11-22)
made with PowerPoint circles in motion (acryl, 2019-12)
(made with PowerPoint) glowing rings II (2019-12; acryl)
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) abandoned island (acryl, 2019-08)
post-processed using PowerPoint coloured solid glass elements (acryl, 2020-02-14)
slightly post-processed using PowerPoint perhaps 3d (acryl, 2019-2-20/2020-03-29)
post-processed using PowerPoint foggy forrest (acryl, 2019-12)
(made with PowerPoint) art without content (electr. version, 2017-10)
painted on the front and the back side moving scenery (acryl paint on glass, 2018-12)
pre-processed using PowerPoint unidentified scene (acryl, 2020-11-14)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) stairs to the painting (acryl, 2018-04)
slightly pre-processed using PowerPoint perhaps animals (acryl, 2018-06, made with Julia)
bankrupt vulture (acryl, just under preparation)
(pre-processed using PowerPoit) blue and white (acryl, 2019-06)
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) elements in created shape (acryl, 2019-07)
entangled world (acryl, 2017-12) (made by Julia)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) segment rings (acryl, 2018-01)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) blue light and flying objects (acryl, 2017-09)
fern made with pastel colours (acryl, made by Julia, 2019-03)
maple leaves in autumn (acryl, made by Julia)(2017-09)
Julia in front of "flying objects" (photo, 2018-01)
Julia in front of a "flowing event" (2018-12)
Julia in front of "flowing landscape with floating elements", photo 2018-12)
made with PowerPoint simply friends of Julia and Bernd (2020-05-26)
made with PowerPoint teenager with dog (acryl, 2020-05-28)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) Julia, or myself (2017)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) Bernd, or myself 2017-08
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