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made with PowerPoint We wish all a Happy New Year (acryl, 2021-01-01)
made with PowerPoint far away from harmony (acryl, 2021-01-23)
melting hopes and dreams (acryl, 2014)
decay into pieces (oil, 2004)
made with PowerPoing plates in space (acryl, 2020-05-24)
post-processed using PowerPoint sunny coastline (acryl, 2020-06-07)
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) landscape at the water's edge (acryl, 2018-12)
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) the scratched idyll (acryl, 2018/2019)
(slightly pre-processed using PowerPoint) self-painting picture II (acryl, 2019-04)
(pre-processde using PowerPoint) blue, white and black elements in motion I (acryl, 2019-07)
pre-processed using PowerPoint a lot of colours in space (acryl, 2021-01-02)
made with PowerPoint coloured plates (acryl, 2020-12-06)
made with PowerPoint light and shadow (acryl, 2020-12-07)
made with PowerPoint flying mosaics and a motionless one in the background (acryl, 2020-12-11)
made with PowerPoint very fragile scenery (acryl, 2020-12-12)
pre-processed using PowerPoint without title (acryl, 2021-01-02)
post-processed using PowerPoint frozen evolution with flying elements (acryl, 2020-03-01) made together with Julia
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) frozen landscape II with flying objects (acryl, 2018-12)
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) blue_and_yellow_in motion (acryl, 2019-06-01)
(pre-processed using PowerPont) sparkling colours in motion (acryl, 2018-12)
bye, bye nature, we need energy (acryl, 2018-10)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) simply acryl colours in stillness (acryl, 2018-07)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) town in the ocean (acryl, 2017)
pre-processed using PowerPoint coloured objects on the water (acryl, made with Julia; 2021-01-02; just under preparation)
post-processed using PowerPoint paintings on the water (acryl,2020-07-19)
pre-processed using PowerPoint art exhibition near the beach (arcyl, 2020-07-25)
pre-processed using PowerPoint maybe simple art in daylight (acryl, 2020-08-19)
pre-processed using PowerPoint art exhibition in the desert (acryl, 2020-08-03)
pre-processed using PowerPoint art exhibition in frosty times (acryl, 2020-11-15)
pre-processed using PowerPoint some flying elements radiating sound waves (acryl, 2020-10-09)
made with PowerPoint laced elements (acryl, 2020-12-29)
pre-processed using PowerPoint chaotic paintings in wonderful nature (acryl, 2020-09-27)
made with PowerPoint maybe extremly boring art (acryl, 2020-09-13)
pre-processed using PowerPoint art exhibition in the evening light (acryl, 2020-08-22/2020-11-12)
pre-processed using PowerPoint art exhibition in the moonlight (acryl, 2020-08-22)
pre-processed using PowerPoint rectangular paintings on the water (acryl, 2020-08-25)
pre-processed using PowerPoint paintings with recognizable traces (acryl, 2020-08-31)
pre-processed using PowerPoint Traces of Violent Impact on Art (2020-11-12, acryl)
made with PowerPoint 2 or 3 dimensional? (acryl, 2020-12-03)
pre-processed using PowerPoint fence after colour attack (acryl, 2020-10-04)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) scenery in front of a curtain (acryl, 2017)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) flowing colours or who is it? (acryl, 2017)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) elements in space (acryl, 2017)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) interwoven elements (acryl, mixed, 2018-05)
3D-painting part I (acryl, 2016)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) 3D-view part I (acryl, 2017)
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) 3D-view part II (acryl, 2019-07)
slightly pre-processed using PowerPoint flying elements in front of cold corner (acryl, 2020-11-21)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) somewhere is light II (acryl, 2017)
yellow and black colours in motion I (acryl, 2015, but lost)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) yellow and black elements moving in space (2017)
waterfall in paradise or somewhere (acryl, 2017)
movement of colours (acryl, 2015)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) movement of coloured elements (acryl, 2017)
flowing event (made by Julia) (acryl, 2014)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) painted elements in turbulence and space (acryl, 2017)
stripes in hot space (acryl, 2015)
(post-processed using PowerPoint) striped elements in hot space (acryl, 2017)
blue stripes (acryl, 2016)
stripes in space (acryl, 2016)
scenery with stripes (acryl, 2018)
stripes in snow I (acryl, 2018)
stripes in snow II (acryl, 2018)
looking into the darkness (acryl, 2015)
movement in space (acryl, 2015, painted with Melanie) (2014)
frozen scenery in front of blue, red and yellow (2017-06)
seconds after big bang (oil, 2013)
steep slope with water falls (acryl, 2016)
hot spaces or dreams (oil, 2015)
standstill and horse in very fast movement (acryl, 2015)
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) lines and curves in space (acryl, 2019-08)
perhaps big bang (oil, 2013)
50 seconds (oil, 2014)
storm (painted together with Julia) (acryl, 2014)
deep inside the jungle (oil, 2014)
everywhere fern in hot season (acryl, 2016)
fern in cold season (acryl, 2018-09, painted with Julia)
post-processed using PowerPoint light and shadow in spring (acryl, 2020-04-05)
post-processed using PowerPoint the colours of spring (acryl, 2020-04-05, made by Julia)
(pre-processed using PowerPoint) blue scenery (perhaps flowers) (acryl, 2019-05)
post-processed using PowerPoint something is growing (acryl, 2020-05-03)
sunny autumn evening (painted by Julia) (acryl, 2016)
green maple leaves (acryl, 2016)
black cat (or I miss you) (oil, 1986)
La Digue and other places (oil, 1996/2009)
forget not to dream (or nostalgia) (oil, 1993/1994)
blue balls (oil, 1992/1993)
frozen relationship (oil, 2000)
always under observation (oil, 2009)
no one is complete (oil, 2004)
someone II (oil, 2009)
anyone alone (oil, 1997)
the wall is open (oil, 1991)
perhaps a dream (oil, 1994)
myself, or simply Bernd (oil, some decades ago) (1979)
myself (some yeras ago, part of a larger painting), (oil, 2004)
myself, or simply Julia (pencil, 1996)
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